Fire Prevention in the Workplace

Prevent Fire in Workplace

Eliminate Fire Hazards: Keep workspaces free of waste paper and other combustibles, have damaged electrical cords replaced and do not over load circuits.

Prepare for Emergencies: Make sure you know who to call in an emergency; participate in all drills.

Report Fires and Emergencies promptly: Immediately report all foul odors or defective equipment to the Building Manger or Security. If fire is detected pull the fire alarm station to sound the alarm.

Evacuate Safely: Leave the area quickly in an emergency; use stairs instead of the elevator. Assist your coworkers.

Do not use open flames: The use of open flames in the work place is prohibited.

General Workplace Fire Safety: Make sure all walk ways and corridors are kept clear to ensure emergency egress is uninhibited.

Use and maintain wiring, tools and equipment correctly. Keep everything oil and dust free.

Uncoil an extension cord fully before use and use extension cords for temporary wiring ONLY; be sure the amperage of the cord is appropriate for the job you are doing.

Do not use equipment that delivers mild electrical shock, gives off unusual heat or smells odd. If in doubt have it checked and repaired or replaced.

Sweep up scraps of paper or material and dust as soon as possible.

Do not use electrical equipment when flammable gases, vapors, liquids, dust, or fibers are present.

Ensure trash is emptied frequently enough to prohibit a buildup of combustibles in an area.

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